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The Practice

Our mission is to support and encourage personal, psychological and spiritual growth and transformation.

Important personal growth and developmental tasks are to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts constructively and discover new alternatives and directions so that we may enrich our lives. Many of us carry fears and scars from our past that may hide our true most vital core or Self. To exclude parts of our experiences, feelings, behaviors, thoughts and physical sensations could put us at risk to live an habitual and emotionally frozen life. A healthy personality requires a strong connection with its inner spiritual essence before it can manifest its deepest Self.

Therapy is a collaborative effort. You and your psychologist will identify your goals- what you want to have happen, and agree on how you’ll know when you’re making progress. Your psychologist will talk to you about the length of time it may take to help you see changes.

We strive to create a therapeutic atmosphere that feels safe, respectful, non-judgmental, and effective. Our minds are influenced by genetics and environment. Innate capacities can be enhanced or inhibited by life experiences that shape expectations of self and others. Therapy is an invitation to explore the frontiers of your mind, and to learn new ways of being in the world so that wishes are replaced by fulfilling realities. Change is possible.

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